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This project is based on time series analysis of quarterly registration of motor vehicles in Asaba Delta-state (1993 –2002) the whole project is divided into five chapters.Chapter one, deals with the introduction aspect of the study. Chapter two, the literature review, makes reference to other people’s work that are similar to this study.

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Motor vehicle evolves from the horse drawn carriage, it’s near relative from the horse drawn carriage, it near relative the stream carriage and perhaps the 19th century tricycle, but as the year went by gradually. Lost it likeness to any of it progenitor. All these at each stage of development were each used for transportation which help to limit and eventually abandon the use of animals and foot for transportation.
Every vehicle kept or used on, only public road must be registered and the appropriate vehicle license fee paid in respect of it. This is done by applying for a motor vehicle license.
The board of internal revenue which was known to be the revenue division of ministry of finance is the authority responsible for the insurance of vehicle license in the state. This board has motor licensing office in the various local government areas and the licensing offices in the various local government areas gives the monthly report to the state board.
There are two classes of vehicles which can be registered. They are the one that is import from outside the country or manufacture in the country that needed a change of registration for the new national identification scheme. the former require the former to fill the national motor vehicle administration form in duplicate signed by the customer. The document will be sent to the motor licensing officer in charge to verify the genuity of the document. If they are confirmed to be genuine, he will ask for two passport of the customer and mandate a registration clerk to register the vehicle before he signs. The customers pay the registration fee depending on the type of vehicle and the national vehicle administration form (N.V.A.F) is forward to the road safety commission for filling.
While the later is supervised by the federal road safety commission filling. The local government council will require all the vehicles to change their number plate and request for registration. General motor receipt each of which is to be photocopied in duplicate, the four copies of the (N.M.V.F) form will be filled and present to the motor vehicle licensing office for verification before mandating the registration clerk to register.
This registration exercise help the customer and the police to recover his/her vehicle if lost, it safe guide us against security purpose, easy identification, uniformity and revenue collection which is the source of our national income.


Post by easyprojectmaterials (2016-12-01 11:02)

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